College Sports Teams Love D.P. Dough!

D.P. Dough ready for the Buckeyes!

First things first: Go Buckeyes! National Champs!

During this great season for Ohio State, coach Urban Meyer continued the tradition of providing the Buckeyes with D.P. Dough for post-game food. Last year it was in Champaign, IL. This year the Buckeyes had it after the Penn State game in State College.

Peter and Steph Gardella, owner’s of D.P. Dough State College, were excited to receive a massive catering order for some seriously hungry dudes…the Ohio State University football team. After the game (in Happy Valley), the football team wanted 200 calzones for the bus ride back to Columbus. D.P. Dough State College came through for the Buckeyes (which must have been a little weird since they just handed the Nittany Lions a loss), adding another achievement to a very strong 2014 for the Gardellas, who recently posted back-to-back All Time Top Sales Months in September and October.

This continues a tradition: D.P. Dough loves college sports teams and college sports teams love D.P. Dough! Recently, D.P. Dough Huntington had the privilege of catering to a traveling sports team as they recently served the Penn State Basketball team and coaching staff during their visit to Huntington. Go, Dough!


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