D.P. Dough Named to Entrepreneur Magazine Top 200 Food Franchises

For the second year in a row, Entrepreneur Magazine has named D.P. Dough a Top 200 Food Franchise. Specifically, D.P. Dough was #17 in the miscellaneous category.

“Being ranked in Entrepreneur Magazine’s list of the top 200 food franchisors in the world is an honor,” said D.P. Dough CEO, Matt Crumpton. “We certainly enjoy the magazine and appreciate the recognition.”

With 27 locations in 18 states ranging from New York to Florida to Arizona, D.P. Dough has parlayed its college and young professional focus into strong and steady brand growth.

“Some franchisors open up, establish proof of concept, and scale as fast as possible. We wanted to make sure that D.P. Dough Franchising had a strong infrastructure with good unit level economics before pursuing faster growth,” said Crumpton. “I really believe that we are where we need to be to launch the brand now. These next few years will be exciting.”

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