D.P. Dough UCONN turns unfortunate viral video into charity event

Boy, there sure has been a lot of fuss this week about a less-than-sober kid at UCONN who really wanted some mac and cheese.  If only he’d thought of D.P. Dough before throwing a fit, he may have avoided getting arrested!

But, in the sprit of turning a bad (dumb?) thing into a good thing, D.P. Dough UCONN has created a special calzone that would have hit the spot for Mr. Luke Gatti: it’s got mac and cheese, bacon, and jalapeños in one delicious calzone package!  The best part is that while it runs this special calzone offering, D.P. Dough UCONN is donating $2 from every sale of the calzone to a local UCONN charity, Huskython!

Now, whose hungry for some mac and cheese?

Check out the full store here: http://foxct.com/2015/10/07/uconn-restaurant-turns-mac-and-cheese-incident-into-a-fundraiser/

And here: http://gawker.com/drunken-mac-and-cheese-tantrum-baby-reportedly-expelled-1735177110

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