Ever Wanted to Make Your Own D.P. Dough at Home?

Well, we don’t necessarily recommend it since it’s so easy to order up some delicious D.P. Dough on your mobile phone or computer (or in person, if you’re feeling old school) and have us bring it to you piping hot (amirite?!), but if you’re really interested in trying to recreate the amazing D.P. Dough experience at home, www.onwardstate.com has some recommendations of how to do it.

We really appreciate the dedication of this writer, but, you know, you could just call up D.P. Dough instead!

“D.P. Dough is a classic drunk food. Heaps of cheese, meats, and who knows what else are trapped inside a moist pocket of carbs. Mmm. You may have your favorite go-to “Zone,” (for example: the Roni Zone, Italian Zone, Speed Zone, Twilight Zone, the list goes on.) But today we will focus on the basics- a pizza calzone. Because let’s face it, you probably aren’t a 5-star Italian chef, and the milk in your fridge may or may not have gone bad a week ago.”



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