Franchisee Spotlight: 39.1% Revenue Growth in 2014!

We love to brag on our franchisees; not only do we think they’re awesome folks, but we also take great pride in the success they have in their businesses. We were especially proud to hear about the success of some of our recent franchisees at this year’s D.P. Dough Owner’s Conference in Denver, Colorado.

Our two top growth franchisees, Denver, Colorado and Raleigh, North Carolina both stunned us with their efforts in the last year, with each growing their top-line revenues by 39.1% and 38.9%, respectively. Got to give it up to ’em for the hustle!

In upcoming posts we’ll check in with each to see what they did to achieve this phenomenal success in hopes of highlighting tools of the trade that you can install in your own D.P. Dough business.

And speaking of that, if you’re interested in learning more about the success of our franchisees and are thinking about becoming a D.P. Dough owner, contact us today to set up a call! Use the “Information Request Form” at the top right to give us your digits. Let’s get you started on the path to successful franchise ownership!

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