Steps to Opening

So you’d like to join the D.P. Dough Family? Here are the steps to being awarded a D.P. Dough Franchise opportunity. Click on the icons below to learn more about each step in the process.

1. Submit Information Form

Fill out the brief Information Request Form on the right side of the page to download our free franchise report. A member of the D.P. Dough Franchising executive team will contact you regarding your interest in owning a D.P. Dough. If you meet the financial qualifications and are ready to begin the process, you will move on to Step 2 – Calls and Prezis.

2. Calls and Prezis

The franchisor-franchisee relationship is a long-term partnership that must be mutually beneficial to both you and D.P. Dough Franchising. We have created a process with five phone calls and online presentations (using our favorite presentation tool, Prezi) to address the many issues related to owning a D.P. Dough franchise and to help us get to know one another. At the conclusion of each call, you will have a brief assignment to complete before moving on to the next call.

3. Conditional Franchise Award

If you meet our financial and culture guidelines, you will be conditionally awarded with a D.P. Dough franchise at the conclusion of the final scheduled call and presentation. The financial guidelines require $100,000 in liquid capital and $250,000 in liquid net worth. The culture guidelines require that you are someone who shares our values and is willing to follow the D.P. Dough system. (We have never done this, but technically, the conditional franchise award may be revoked on culture grounds pending your Discovery Day visit.)

4. Discovery Day Sign Franchise Agreement

If you are conditionally awarded a franchise, you will be invited to Athens, Ohio for D.P. Dough Discovery Day. There, you will meet members of the D.P. Dough Franchising executive team, learn more about the process for opening, and see the operations of a D.P. Dough restaurant. You should come to Discovery Day prepared to sign the Franchise Agreement. (You will receive a copy of it for legal review in advance). D.P. Dough Franchising will keep the territory that you are interested in off of the market for one week following Discovery Day.

5. Complete Financing

If you require financing, you will work with our Director of Franchise Development to secure a loan. All D.P. Dough franchisee candidates are required to set up an account on Boefly, an online lending platform that connects franchisees and banks (like a for franchisee lending). Our Director of Franchise Development will review your financing options (retirement/401k accounts, SBA loans, etc.) and work with your lender to address any questions that they might have. If you do not require financing, you can move on to Step 6, Real Estate.

6. Real Estate Search

As soon as you obtain suitable finances to open (or are conditionally approved for a loan pending real estate), you will begin the Real Estate Search in your market. D.P. Dough Franchising will work with a commercial realtor in your market to assist you in finding real estate, drafting the LOI, and making sure the location is suitable for D.P. Dough operations. There is a one time charge of up to $1,500 to cover travel costs for D.P. Dough Franchising’s market visit.

7. Construction

Once the lease is signed, you will begin construction at your restaurant. You will be responsible for retaining an architect and a general contractor. D.P. Dough Franchising will provide sample floor plans and assist you (and your architect and general contractor) with any questions.

8. Training

There are three types of training in the D.P. Dough world. Once construction begins, you will participate in Immersion Training in Athens, Ohio. During Immersion Training, you will work in a D.P. Dough for approximately 12 hours per day to gain a mastery of basic operations skills. Next, you will complete the New Owner Online Training Course (from anywhere), which consists of a series of operations, business, and marketing tutorial videos followed by a brief quiz at the end of each video. Finally, you will receive 19 days of on-site training and opening assistance at your new location before and after your grand opening.

9. Grand Opening

Time to open the doors and slang some calzones! D.P. Dough has a grand opening system that has been very successful in launching new locations by reaching a critical mass with college students on the opening day. You will get to take advantage of the D.P. Dough grand opening system and have members of the D.P. Dough Franchising executive team on-site during your grand opening and first full weekend of business.


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