The Numbers are In…and UP!

If you’ve been following the news at D.P. Dough recently, you’ve probably picked up on the trend that things are going well around here.  We’ve been growing, adding new franchisees, and rolling out exciting new programs for owners and customers alike.  But just how good was business for our D.P. Dough Franchisees?

We’re glad you asked.  We recently just completed our compiling of D.P. Dough restaurant performance for 2015 to update our Franchise Disclosure Statement.  We excited to finally be able to share how we’ve been doing as a brand, and how our franchisees are doing as business owners…

GROWTH: D.P. Dough has now had 12 consecutive quarters of growth, going all the way back to 2012.  Sales keep getting better year-over-year!

MORE SALES: The average D.P. Dough restaurant is now doing $818,175 in net sales!

MORE PROFIT: The average D.P. Dough has an EBITDA* profit of 12.96% or $105,520!

Only more great things to come.  If you’re still interested in opening a D.P. Dough in your hometown, contact us today.  Territories are limited and exclusive, and are selling fast!


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