The D.P. Dough Difference

Why D.P. Dough?

So, you’re considering starting your own business, and the turn-key solutions offered by franchising are appealing to you. Or perhaps you already own your own small business, or you are a multi-unit franchise operator looking for a synergistic concept to add to your portfolio. Either way, we’re glad you’re here. The first question you’re probably asking is: what is D.P. Dough? And why would I consider D.P. Dough for my first (or next) business opportunity?

So, what is D.P. Dough?

First and foremost, D.P. Dough is the ONLY national Calzone franchise in America; in fact, we’re The Original Calzone Company (just check our trademarks!). Way back in 1983 our original calzones debuted at a food truck parked at the Big E Fair in Springfield, MA. Since then we’ve grown to be a tight-nit family of brick and mortar locations serving excellent food to a cult following of college students, late-night revelers, and other fans of great food in college markets throughout the country—in fact, we’ve become somewhat of an institution on college campuses across the Northeast and Midwest—people tell us that the thing they miss most about college is D.P. Dough (well, that and the parties, cheap beer, and the lack of responsibility–seriously, though: check out this video we found on You Tube from a dude we don’t know). So, our customers love us, and they love our food…

So, why should you love this business opportunity?


Our Brand Niche is yours to OWN.

We are The Pizza Franchise Alternative, and we own our own category. No, really: We’re the Nation’s ONLY late-night calzone franchise. There’s every pizza place in America, and then there is D.P. Dough.  We live in a unique space in the QSR industry with our specific industry niche and cult brand following, with captive audiences at every major college in America and huge “blue sky” growth potential potential across the country.


Our Outstanding Support System:

Our foundation of success is built upon supplying our franchisees with every checklist, system, and tool possible to succeed.  We’ve even built our own custom point-of-sale to give our franchisees an edge.  But we don’t stop there: every franchisee gets 10 days of immersive training at our headquarters and 22 days (!) of on-the-ground support around each new store’s grand opening event.  And then we follow up with ongoing profitability training, continuing online education modules, a centralized hub of information via our owner’s intranet, and a multi-day owner’s conference each summer!

number3Proof of Concept with Solid Unit-Level Economics in Place:

We’ve been around since 1987, but we’re now just gearing up to explode on the national scene.  Our average unit net sales volume is $762,757 and growing 7% per year.  Plus, our royalty rate is amongst the lowest in the industry at only 4% (see the list here).  Seriously, shop around for yourself–you won’t find a lower royalty than our 4% rate. Why only 4% (a question we are asked each time we attend a franchisor conference)? Because this franchising thing only works if our franchisee partners are making money. By charging a lower royalty rate, we can better position new D.P. Dough franchisees for success.

Our Unique Niche: What’s the D.P. Dough Difference?

D.P. Dough stands out among national quick-service restaurant franchises for a number of reasons.  Let’s take a look at some of the ways being a franchise partner of D.P. Dough Franchising paves the way for success in your entrepreneurial endeavors:

The Original Calzone Company: D.P. Dough is the nation’s ONLY college-centric, late-night Calzone franchise.

The Pizza Alternative: We own our own category in the QSR world. D.P. Dough does not sell pizza, yet people still think of us at the same times that they normally would order pizza for delivery. Think about it this way—the first decision people make when ordering pizza in markets with a D.P. Dough is this: do I want pizza or do I want D.P. Dough? Would you like to join in the fray of being one of the thousands of franchisees competing in that generic pizza category? Or would your rather be differentiated by offering D.P. Dough Zone® brand calzones?  D.P. Dough calzones are a much-loved product that are individual and customizable so that our customers can get exactly what they want and are likely to order even if they are alone (unlike a whole pizza). We are the exclusive owners of the trademark for the use of the word “Zone” when referring to calzones. Let our natural brand advantages work for you and your business!

Delivery: Trust us, people will love you (and your business) for hooking them up with delicious, piping hot calzones at two in the morning. But they will love you even more when you bring them to their door. Late night delivery is your turf to rule, and D.P. Dough is known to all as THE place to go for the best in late light cuisine. Plus, on the business side, a smaller footprint, no fancy dining room overhead, and no wait staff means lower costs and more profit in your pocket! In addition, we also sell cookies and ice cream in some markets. The ability to deliver ice cream is a major differentiator among competitors.

Open Crazy Late: We are typically open the latest among delivery restaurants in every market we serve. The fact that we deliver up to 4AM in some places is a major brand differentiator. In fact, we are the exclusive owners of the “Open Crazy Late” trademark!

We’ve got your back

We’re constantly working to improve things for our franchisees. From developing our own proprietary point-of-sale system (“Zoneware”), to designing marketing campaigns that out-maneuver the competition, we’re here to make sure you succeed at making your customers happy and making a lot of dough (in calzone and money form) in the process.   Let’s take a look at some of the ways we support you and give you a competitive advantage, as well as look at some of the initiatives we undertook in the last year to give you a leg up:


D.P. Dough is one of the only restaurant franchises that has its own custom point of sale and online ordering solution. Zoneware, our clever(ish) calzone based name for the software, consists of the in-store point of sale system, desktop online ordering, the Dough Dashboard, and mobile online ordering (Coming Soon).  The DPDF team has a weekly development call with the Zoneware software developer to continually add new features.  Here is a current list of the features of Zoneware:

Point of Sale System (in-store):

  • Integrates with Caller ID box to store repeat customer information and recall that information when the customer calls.
  • Very intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Simply touch ingredients on the screen to add to or remove them from the order.
  • All kinds of reports: product reports, driver reports, top customer reports, half hour sales reports, and more.
  • Made with high volume delivery in mind, including delivery mapping and driver order claim and return functionality.
  • Powerful back office that allows you to easily change prices, create discounts, and add or delete menu items, among other things

Desktop Online Ordering

  • Links directly from
  • Ability to add custom menu suggestions for all items to increase average ticket price.
  • Automatically integrates with D.P. Hearts, our customer loyalty program.
  • Post messages to customers online.
  • Once the order is submitted, the ticket prints from the kitchen printer, as if it was submitted in-store. This saves money on labor who would have otherwise taken the order over the phone.
  • New and improved design coming Fall 2014.

Dough Dashboard

  • Allows you to see the real-time and historic sales at your D.P. Dough (both in-store and online) from your smartphone.
  • Exciting opportunities for more features and reports to be linked to the Dough Dashboard.

Mobile Online Ordering

  • A new D.P. Dough mobile online ordering site is currently being designed, with a launch date of late 2014.
  • The mobile site will have the same functionality as desktop online ordering, but will be optimized for mobile screens.

So How Much Can I Make?

Every franchisee owner’s situation is different and federal law does not allow us to make any direct statements pertaining to exactly how much you’ll take home from operating your D.P. Dough Franchise.  However, we can share details of our systemwide sales numbers that are also provided in our Franchise Disclosure Document.  So, let’s get down to brass tacks and take a look at the numbers:


In addition, we encourage you to reach out to current franchisees to find about what they think about being a part of the D.P. Dough family, how they judge their success as part of a franchise system, and how much money you can expect to make as an owner. Nobody can tell you the real deal like your fellow hard-working business owners! It makes us feel great that our franchisees our proud of their businesses and their membership in the D.P. Dough family, so we’d love for you to hear their stories directly from them!

Summary and Next Steps

We know the truth here: you’re not really shopping for a franchise—you’re investing the future you’re designing for yourself and your family. This is an important decision that for both franchisee and franchisor, and we’re looking for great partners who understand our culture, our values, and our drive for success. Let’s get to know each other better!

What are the steps to being awarded a D.P. Dough Franchise?

  • Step 1 – Contact us and schedule a quick call to get introduced
  • Step 2 – Exchange Financials: you send us a personal financial statement and we send you our Franchise Disclosure Document
  • Step 3 – We give you a virtual presentation where we discuss our Culture, How We Help You Win, and the Costs and Profitability of a D.P. Dough Franchise.
  • Step 4 – We work with you while you craft you business plan and pro forma and help you get introduced to lenders who will help you finance your business
  • Step 5 – Schedule a Discovery Day to come meet the team and sign a franchise agreement to open your own D.P. Dough!

This whole process can take 60-90 days.  Then, it’s go time!  We find your perfect location, get the store built out, launch our hyper-targeted marketing in your core area, and prepare for the onslaught of hungry, happy Calzone lovers who’ll be banging down your down from day one.

Ready to get started?

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