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“An Open Letter to My College Constant: D.P. Dough”

Taylor Swift may have gotten all the attention this past week for her open letter to Apple about not paying royalties to recording artist, but we think the best open letter we’ve come across recently was written by Katherine Bensink of The Odyssey, an online magazine.  Her note begins with the following: “I’m sure there are… View Article

“Good tweets rewarded with free calzones from DP Dough”

Smile Politely, Champaign-Urbana’s Online Magazine, recently covered our #FREETWEET program, a national campaign to give away a free Calzone everyday of the year. “We’re a social media based society. Almost everyone is on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram and we share everything on there. The biggest moments in our lives and the most mundane, all… View Article

Financing Options for Franchisees

If you’re considering starting your own franchise business, the second most important decisions you’ll make (after which franchise system you choose to sign with) is how you’ll finance your franchise business. And for good reason: the terms, rates, and type of financing you choose will effect everything from your return on equity to your daily… View Article

Welcome to www.OwnADPDough.com, the franchise opportunity site for D.P. Dough, The Original Calzone Company and The Pizza Franchise Alternative! D.P. Dough is the nation’s ONLY college-centric, late-night Calzone franchise and we are on an exciting growth trajectory as a best-in-class emerging franchise concept in the QSR industry!

With a cult following in college towns across the country, D.P. Dough stands out by offering delicious, individually-customizible D.P. Dough Zone® brand calzones and staying “Open Crazy Late!” We look forward to helping you explore that D.P. Dough franchise opportunity, and finding out if you’re the right person to bring D.P. Dough to a college town near you!