A unique concept, cult-like following, and proven system.

For nearly four decades we've been delivering our fresh baked Zone® brand calzones to university communities across the country. Now, we would love to see if you've got what it takes to become one of our rockstar franchisees and join us on our journey.

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It all started on a food truck in 1983 in Springfield, MA

The beginnings of D.P. Dough® can be traced back to Penny Haley’s food truck debut at the 1983 Big E Fair in Springfield, MA. Penny and her son Dan sold calzones out of her food truck. Four years later, after witnessing the popularity of his mom’s food truck calzones, Dan had the idea to open a retail and delivery location. The restaurant was unique in that it did not sell pizza. Thus, The Pizza Alternative® was born! It was named D.P. Dough® after Dan and Penny’s initials.


When D.P. Dough began, we never could have imagined how our delicious dough recipe would become the catalyst for life long memories of nights out or hitting the books for students across the country. We are so thankful to continue that tradition in our current markets and welcome you to share this tradition with your community as we continue to grow.

Without the dedication of our franchisees and their team members none of this would be possible. We owe it to our team.

~ Eric Cook, CEO of D.P. Dough


Many of our franchisees formed such a strong connection with our brand while attending university they decided to join us in serving up freshly prepared Zones® for the rest of their lives. They share in our vision, and have the dedication and passion to continue sharing our great product across the country for semesters to come. It takes a lot to meet the demand of hordes of our Zone® craving customers, but night after night our franchisees and their team suit up and deliver.


We Offer An Industry Low 4% Royalty
+1% Ad Fund

With a 4% Royalty Rate & 1% National Ad Fund we keep more money in your pocket than most national chains. Take a look at the rates offered by some of these leading restaurant franchise opportunities!

  • Subway
  • 12.5%
  • 8% Royalty
  • 4.5% Ad Fund
  • Dominos
  • 9.5%
  • 5.5% Royalty
  • 4% Ad Fund
  • Jimmy John's
  • 10.5%
  • 6% Royalty
  • 4.5% Ad Fund
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • 10.9%
  • 5.9% Royalty
  • 5% Ad Fund
*Competitor Published Rates As Of May 12, 2022


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